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the game of crossed numbers
DIAGON is a new game of logic invented by David Puertas and Bernat Puertas, two brothers that have become known as the creators of the SIDOKU, the musical version of the popular Sudoku ( which has been widely successful in Europe.

This time they have invented a new game which mixes 'Trivial' style questions and low difficulty mathematical calculations. This mix creates a fun game, with an easy mechanism and a high level of self-satisfaction for the person plying it, since resolving a DIAGON (of medium difficulty) takes only a few minutes.

The DIAGON is based on logic and not on previous knowledge. It is improbable that the public in general know by heart the birth dates of famous characters, but situating them in a certain time is already a first step. Thanks to the numeric hints the game offers, the game can be resolved in few minutes.

Description of the game. The DIAGON is made of a grid that contains 5 questions. The answer to each one of the questions is a number of four digits. However, if you do not know the answer to these questions, no problem: the game is designed to be completed without knowing beforehand any of the answers. How? For example, to answer the question 'year of the celebration of the Olympics of Barcelona' you will have to write 1992. The grid has three hints that help you resolve the game: the first is on the right, and it is the sum of the digits that make the answer (in the example it would be 21, which is the addition of the digits of 1992); the second hint is on the bottom, and it is the sum of the numbers that correspond in each column; finally, the third hint is the sum of the numbers that cross the grid diagonally and are marked with a darker colour.

Apart from the basic game (with general questions about different areas of knowledge) the Puertas brothers have invented the thematic DIAGON: grids with questions exclusively about sports, music, science, history, etcetera.

The DIAGON is presented in two different forms, the version to play online and the version that is published in newspapers and magazines.

If you wish to have DIAGON in your publication, do not doubt to contact us.

Ū DIAGON is a registered brand. is a creation of David Puertas and Bernat Puertas. Illustrations: Laura Borrās